Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rest at Last!

One of the hardest things about being in Honduras has been the separation from my family at a very difficult time.  My younger brother has tenderly cared for his wife who was coming to the end of her struggling with breast cancer. Our last weekend in the states was spent with them and though it was a teary parting it was laced with sweetness.  When saying final goodbyes you say heartfelt sentiments that to often go unsaid.  The things Piper shared with our family I will never forget.  We were able to tell her again how very much she meant to us, how her faith and courage had inspired us and how very much we loved her.  Though we cried there was also much singing, sharing and talking of eternal life together.  Her charge to us was to be faithful no matter what.  We prayed together and quietly slipped away.

Sunday morning has been my time to call and talk to Stanley.  Each time he has given me a good report.  This Sunday, 13th, when he answered the phone there was so much peace that I didn’t expect the news that followed.  The day before, Sabbath, in the evening Piper slipped into her final rest.  The actually time was unexpected but praise the Lord Pipers father was there and realized she was close to the end.  Stanley cradled her in his arms singing songs about Heaven and telling her over and over of his love for her.  Piper had prayed she would die in her sleep, Stan had prayed that he would be able to hold her ~ their prayers were answered.  Pipers father and Stan shared that sacred moment together, how appropriate!

Plans are still unsure but I hope to return for the memorial service to celebrate the life of my precious sister.

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  1. I am VERY sorry to hear about Mrs. Pipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!