Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Avocado Avalanche

When we first arrived, and were inquiring about the fruits and vegetable currently in season, we were told that, unfortunately, we had missed the avocado season. We listened to stories of trees laden down with huge avocados...all you can eat guacamole... and avocados three times a day. “To bad you weren’t here a month earlier...” they said. No need to say it, I already was mulling over in my mind just why we hadn’t come in September... “But, who knows, you might still find some late avocados on the trees,” we were told a bit doubtfully. Mouths drooling, we ran out to see. Sure enough, hanging high in the trees were avocados! To us, it seemed hundreds still clung to the branches. We picked a conservative amount, but were soon told “take all you want.” Could it be?

Since then, we have lived out our dream of avocados (almost) everyday. Each member of our family loves this fruit, (yes technically its a fruit) and have been throughly relishing this treat of abundance.

Yesterday, we experienced something I never imagined possible... everyone had their fill of guacamole, and there was still more in the bowl! We had leftover guacamole! Have you ever heard of such a thing? It was brought out again for supper, but still with no takers.

I think we will be more careful in the future not to over do it on the guacamole. We have this fear that, come the end of our stay here, we might never want to see another avocado. That would be tragic...

Jonathan is in the tree picking and tossing the Avocados down to the awaiting sheet.

We picked 94 Avocados!

Wish we could share the abundance with all of you!


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  1. How fun!... and delicious! We all love avocados! From the pictures it looks like the are big avocados, not the little ones you buy in U.S. stores!