Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A place our family loves...

A quarter mile off the road, over the hill and through the jungle, is a place our family loves… the waterfalls.  It has great rock climbing spots and a few natural slides. Several falls cascade down the narrow rocky gorge into the valley. 

Thinking we needed some family fun, we decided to take a picnic up to the waterfalls.  We walked up the creek to the first waterfall.   Deciding that this was a good place to stop, we ate lunch.  After lunch we climbed up the first fall.  Getting up there can be a bit challenging.  Fortunately, Jonathan and Dad were able to help Mother, who was having a hard time.  We rock climbed, jumped into the water and slid down slides.  We had grand fun!  

Climbing and sliding back down, we ended up back at the first falls. There we washed our hair, since we were already cold and did not want to face the misery of a shower at home.  It was hilarious watching some  wash their hair : )



Pushing Dad under

Another memory made at the place our family loves.


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