Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dental Training

The last two weeks have flown by entirely too fast. (I guess that is what happens when you’re having fun.) Here are some pictures from my recent dental experience.

As most of you know, (and I mentioned in a earlier post) I was apart of an intensive “bush dentistry” training course. There were eight of us in the class: Ruby, Ramon, Roger, Rene, (four Honduran young people) Joe Willis, (he and his wife run the mission outpost here) Doc. Kessler, Luke Fisher (both from the US) and me. Plus we had a Honduran translator, Teresa, who proved to be a great blessing as most of the group spoke only Spa nish.

Our "classroom"

Gerry Beauchemin taught the course, and proved to be an amazing teacher. We learned an incredible amount in a short amount of time.

Doc. Gerry teaching us in Luke's mouth

The first three days were spent in theory and practicing on plaster teeth, but by the 4th day we were in each others mouths. We examined each other, and between all of us in the class, (plus other family members), we had several cavities to practice on. Thanks to our obliging, and very tolerant patients, we gained some much needed experience.

Joshua having his teeth flossed by Ramon, with Roger looking on.

Caleb being examined by Mr. Willis and Doc. Kessler

Ramon on the table with Rene and Ruby examining him.

Working after dark - Rene examining Ruby with Roger and Denora watching, (and laughing).

Me preparing to fill a cavity in Roger's mouth

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  1. I love all the pictures! It looks like you all have been having a true blast. :) What an interesting experience with the dental work!