Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

            I’ll admit that we’ve had a bit of a hard time getting in the mood for Thanksgiving - with balmy weather, tropical fruits, and not even a hint of grandma’s vege-turkey loaf, pilgrim costumes, or pumpkin pie.  But, although it doesn’t feel (or smell) like Thanksgiving, we pause to give thanks for God’s goodness over the past year.
   Every morning, as I wake up to the sounds of village Roosters, and the clip-clopping of horses hoofs (the local men heading up the mountain to their days’ work), I thank God for arranging this little sanctuary for us to “come apart and rest awhile.”   Over a year ago, when we first started feeling the need for a “sabbatical,” we had no idea where to go, what to do, or how we could afford taking time away.  God worked out all the details better than we could have asked or imagined!  We trust that we are being a blessing to the Mission here, and to the local village people, but certainly the greater blessing is ours as we have been able to slow down and enjoy life at a little more “savorable” pace.  Our batteries are being re-charged!
   Pam and I have both been working on agricultural-related writing projects (I looking at God’s original Agrarian model for man, and Pam recounting God’s leading our family to farming.)  It has made us thank God over and over for His leading.  How different our lives could have been!  Although we have certainly had no bed of roses, we wouldn’t want it any other way!
   I give thanks for an amazing family: a wife who lives the definition of “help-meet”, and 5 healthy children who are growing in wisdom and stature (and we trust in favor with God and man).  We have enjoyed extra time here for reading, talking, and sharing dreams together.  It’s exciting to see the children growing into young adults with their own unique talents and vision for service.
   We thank God for a wonderful extended family.  We are continually aware of the reality that our farming venture would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of my parents sharing their farm with us.  My brother Edwin and his family have also kept our farming dream alive and prospering (plus given us the opportunity for this Sabbatical!)  Pam’s parents have also been tremendously generous in their support of our “lifestyle of choice.”  As we have had to grapple with the loss of my sister-in-law, Piper, to breast cancer, we are grateful for God’s work in her and Stanley’s lives.  God truly healed her spiritually and emotionally!  He has also done an amazing job in refining Stanley.  Stanley has come through this fire like gold!  We have too big a family to mention each by name, but each one has added richness to our lives.   Thank you!
   We feel blessed to have so many friends, old and new, who have given color, depth, and spice to our lives.  The one drawback of Honduras has been being so far away from you!  Our farm customers are also our friends, and we feel a deep sense of gratitude not only for your friendship, but for your support which enables us to live our Agrarian dream.
   Last, but certainly not least, I thank God for life, health, the gift of Jesus, forgiveness of sin, hope of eternal life, and His Creation, which we can steward in the meantime.

            Now that I think about it, I’m feeling more in the mood for Thanksgiving!  Who needs pumpkin pie?!

John Dysinger

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