Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Search of the Boa Rosada

Have you ever seen a Boa Rosada?  The answer is probably no, unless you have been to Cayos Cochinos. This pink boa constrictor is a species of snakes that is found only on these islands. 

On Monday afternoon we had decided it was about time to find these boas, and excitedly set off on a grand adventure. 

We started up the jungle trail, in search of the snakes.  After carefully looking along the trail for half an hour, we began to despair of ever seeing one of the beautiful snakes.  But suddenly, “Look!”, shouted Joshua, “I see one!”  Sure enough, up in a tree, there was a small Boa Rosada!  Joshua climbed the tree and knocked the snake down.  Kirsten, being our “snake wrangler,” was the first to pick it up.  Since it was docile, we each took a turn holding it. (Except for Elsee, who decided that looking was enough for her.) 

When we had taken plenty of pictures, and had our fill of holding it, we let it go.  We resumed our hike and kept climbing higher. 

Our plan was to find the lighthouse, then go back home. We finally reached the top where the lighthouse was located, and climbed the 100 tower. The view was splendid!

As we started back down the trail, we came to a fork in the path. Joshua went down one way and soon shouted for us to come. All rushed down, eager to see what he had found. “Not another Boa, is it?” I gasped. There it was, wrapped up in the tree.

It was even bigger then the last one, and Kirsten soon found, as she tried to catch it, that it was not quite as docile as the first one. It opened its mouth very wide, showing it gleaming white “teeth.”

The snake quickly coiled around Kirsten’s hand, squeezing it until it started to turn blue. Deciding enough was enough, Joshua helped Kirsten pry the snake off, and soon it was free again.

As we started back for the village, the thought suddenly struck me, “every snake we’ve seen has been bigger then the one before. Boy, if we see another one, it’s going to be huge!”

Us kids had stopped for a moment to wait for our parents, when Kirsten excitedly pointed to a nearby tree. She had just said she wanted to spot a snake herself, (Joshua had seen all previous ones) and was quite overjoyed at her find. This Boa was definitely the biggest yet; a full 5 feet! We were all very excited!

This time it took 2 people to catch the snake. As Kirsten and Joshua held the hissing, writhing snake, we didn’t dare get close. Jonathan captured the whole thing on video, which we’ve had fun laughing over since.

They finally let it go, and we walked back home. We had seen enough Boa Rosadas for one day!



  1. Wow Zach! You're getting to be quite the writer! Sounds like you had quite the adventure. :) Missing you all! Abby

  2. That is one interesting snake... Pink, of all things. ;-)

  3. Love it! :) you guys are great... Snake safari. Sounds like a heaps of fun. :)