Thursday, December 22, 2011

As Dad mentioned in his blog, we were all a little shocked when our boat beached and we surveyed our surroundings. True, we knew we weren’t headed to a popular tourist location, but we didn’t realize that we, (and one other individual we later met) would be the only “foreigners” on this island, and for that fact, the whole archipelago of 16 islands.

The Island we stayed on

Coming in to dock

The village consists of around 10 little houses ranging in structure from mud and stick walls with thatch roof, to stuccoed block. We were told there are approximately 50 people on the whole Island, the majority being in this community. Here are some pictures from around the village.

When the weather was pleasant the fishing boats would leave early in the morning, and come back in the late afternoon. There was excitement when a boat returned, and we would run, along with the other village kids, to the shore to await its arrival and examine the catch.

We contracted with one of the village women to cook lunches for us, and enjoyed the traditional island food. (Minus the fish)

Our cook in her "Kitchen"

We found the Islanders very friendly and hospitable, and enjoyed getting to know many of them during our stay.

The children especially won my heart, and my brothers and I spent many happy moments playing with them.


marble "tournament"

Unfortunately there is no Christian presence on the Islands, and most are un-churched. One of the days we visited each house and gave out religious Spanish literature, as well as beautifully done posters of the “Diez Mandemeintos.” Everyone was very excited about these posters, and was soon putting them up on their walls. We prayed to be a blessing and positive influence, but only heaven will tell.

Some more random scenes -

fishing out an Octopus


  1. Thanks for posting ya all! I really love the pictures! I can't wait to get together and hear all about it!

  2. I really think the crab is cute! My sister has some pet fiddler crabs. That's great you have what looks to be a nice clean ocean there to enjoy.