We're back to work on the farm, and gearing up for a busy summer of markets and CSA.  Honduras seems very far away...
Here is a blog I wrote for our farm website a week or so ago. It might interest some.
It still feels and looks like winter to me, but as I sit in front of the crackling fire, potting on Tomato plants, I know Spring is on its way!
Our farm is a buzz of activity this time of year, (and all times of year for that matter…). There is an energy and excitement in the air as we strategize and make plans for the Summer season. We are always looking for ways that our farm can run more smoothly, and more efficiently while still providing you with the healthiest, highest quality food available. This year has brought about more notable change: we are dividing to conquer!
What does this mean? Well, instead of all 10 (+) of us working our tails off year round, we’ve divided the year (Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer) and the Edwin Dysinger family will be running the Winter CSA, while the John Dysinger family does the Summer CSA  and farmers markets. This will enable us to expand the summer growing and hopefully help our farm to run seamlessly year round. We are all excited and hope you will be as well.

We (the John Dysinger family) want to give you an update on what’s happening in “the big red barn” and a “heads up” on our Summer plans.

Our "barn house" - yes we live upstairs and pack your CSA boxes below.

First off, you can SIGN UP NOW for the SUMMER CSA! We will be accepting a limited amount of shares, so get your name in quick!
Our family will also be found selling produce at:
The Nashville Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 3:00 – 6:30
Sevier Park Farmer's Market on Tuesday from 3:30 - 6:30
Franklin Whole Foods on Thursdays from 2:00 – 6:00
Our CSA and Market Season will begin on April 29.

This farm is a family affair; with everyone working together to make it a success. Besides just plain hard work in the fields…
we all have our own specific jobs and responsibilities, and to help you get to know us better we thought we’d fill you in on our current ones. : )

Dad – The brains behind it all. Right now, he can often be found deep in thought on his bed, amid a dozen seed catalogues and writing on his yellow pad, (or typing on his new iPhone). He has spent hours, upon hours, planning out the crop rotations, choosing varieties and ordering seeds, charting out planting dates and many other “behind the scenes” tasks that keep the farm a running.
Mom is the great motivator! We dream big dreams, but Mom is the one to bring us back to reality and help us accomplish all the dreams that are realistic. : ) She is also our PR professional.
Me (Kirsten, 20) – They call me the “market manager…” I don’t know what all this title means, but right now I am designing and putting together our market presentation, (pictures, signs etc.) as well as doing customer communications and running “Farmigo” (our web-based CSA management software)

Baskets for market - looking forward to filling them!

Jonathan (18) – Our on-farm mechanic who keeps all our equipment running, as well as inventing new ones. His new “greens harvester” has become highly popular, (at least with us).

Joshua is Dads “right hand man” doing any little job that needs to be done. He turned 16 this week, and his cheerful spirit adds spark to the farm!

Zack (14) is being trained in as our “plant starter,” and has taken over watering the small starts several times a day. He is faithful, and they’re looking healthy!
Caleb is 8 years old, our “caboose” as we often say. He is our number one Peat moss sifter, weeder, and all around little farm hand.

Caleb, with cousins Patrick and Kaden, IN the peat moss container!

Right now our house is filling with little vegetable starts; a promise of a bountiful Summer harvest.

Farming is a journey that has many twists and turns, but the end reward is sweet. We invite you to join us on this journey, and together we will enjoy the fruit of our labor!
Kirsten (for the whole John Dysinger family)