Monday, January 23, 2012


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”
Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on God’s leading.  We have talked, thought and prayed about a “sabbatical” for a long time.  In the beginning John and I hoped to take a full year but when we brought this idea to the family the children shot it down as being far too long to be away from the farm.  The Love that they have for our life on the farm gives us great joy!  We continued praying but still the HOW, WHEN and WHERE remained unclear.
In June a decision had to be made.  As is our habit John took a day away from the farm to seek the Lords guidance and direction.  As he prayed to know the Lord’s will in the matter he became convinced that God was leading in our thoughts to take a four month break from farming.  By faith we were to push ahead with the plans even though we could not see how it would happen.  In an amazing way God opened the doors for us to go back to Honduras where our family had gone on a mission trip 3 years earlier. God’s plans are so much better than ours could ever be!!
My heart is full of Gratitude for…
- Edwin & Jennifer, our faithful partners, and the other helpers who worked long hours to keep the farm going in our absence.
- Kyle and Sherry who took such faithful care of our animals.
- Our neighbors, the Browns, who cared for Peanuts & Pop Corn (our goats), and Hosanna (Caleb’s miniature donkey).
- Gods leading us to Honduras.  
- Joe and Elsa (the couple who run the mission in LaZona).  They encouraged us to come and helped us make arrangements. 
- Teresa and Jorge who generously offered their vacant home to us.
- no telephones and little internet for 3 months
- our neighbors who reached out to us.
- the church family who took us into their hearts, homes and families.
- pineapples every day!
- Kirsten’s dental training.
- young men in the church who inspired us with their consecration.
- a wonderful family “week of prayer” where we listen to inspiring messages.
- the churches week of prayer given by a pastor from Maryland.
- time to evaluate life, direction and purpose individually and as a family.
- safety on Honduran roads.  Passing at high speeds on blind corners is the norm!!    
- the spanish learned.
- opportunity to deepen friendships.
- time to talk, share, plan, dream, play, worship and minister as a family.
   - our friendship with the Ketts family and the depth that comes from ministering, working and playing together.
- all those who gave financial support to help with the purchase of tickets.
- the influence that God gave us with the people. 
- near completion of John’s compilation. 
- the first draft of our testimony in hard copy form.
- bountiful bonding memories.
- the life God has lead us to.
- my in-laws for sharing their beautiful farm with us for the last 16 ½ years.
- being back on the farm in our barn.  
       “Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home!!”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Final Weeks

Today is our fourth day back in the US. Though it is good to be “home,”  I am already really missing Honduras and our many friends there. But, before we go on to our feelings on leaving Honduras and getting back to our American life here, we need to fill you in on our Honduras Happenings of the last couple weeks.
Much to our delight, excitement and complete shock, we received word that some of our dear friends would be joining us in Honduras for our last two weeks there. We quickly made plans for some mission projects we could accomplish together, and before we knew, it they were there.
Those two weeks flew by so fast, but we are left with many shared memories and bonding experiences made through working, witnessing and playing together. Here are some of the activities we were involved in and pictorial highlights from this time:
Orphanage days
One of the huge highlights for all of us, was spending time at a local Adventist orphanage, where 70 kids live. Several days found us there entering into the children's lives; helping in the kitchen and garden, playing games, telling stories, picking lice from hair, and a not to be forgotten “futball” match: “Honduranians” vs. “Americanos.” Our hearts were quickly knit to these dear children, and it was hard to say good bye when the time came.

We repainted both the Adventist Restaurant in Santa Barbara and the Church in LaZona.

Caleb and Honduran friend, Oscar

Re-guttering Mission Outpost


Back of truck rides and shopping
We have ridden in the back of trucks everywhere we go here. The ride is so much more enjoyable, and the view more grand!

We worked both at the orphanage and a small poverty stricken village, bringing the love of Jesus through meeting their oral health needs and giving out oranges.

A little boys smile after being given an orange

Two of the dear friends that we’ve made are Teresa and Yessinia. Mom, Aunt Lori, Rebecca and I made the opportunity to go to Yessinia’s house and make Tamalles, the Honduran way, with she and Teresa.

Teresa preparing the banana leaves

Tamalles cooking on the mud brick oven

Caleb playing marbles with Aby (Yessenia's daughter)
and Elder (Teresa's son) as we cooked

We all had the blessed opportunity of ministering through music and messages. The Honduran people love music, and we feel that the music we brought to them, whether though choir or specials, was one of the greatest contributions we made. 

Our translator, Teresa

Bat Cave

Breaking open a termite's nest

Eating the "honey" inside

The explorers

Balleadas are Honduras’ famous food, and our last Sunday the women planned a “balleada fiesta.” They are crazy good at slapping out perfect tortillas with their hands. We tried to learn the art, but fell quite short. The end product was amazing!

As mentioned in earlier blogs, this is a highly visited spot by us. We enjoyed going up there many times - whether just our family or with the local kids and young people.

Our Last Sabbath
We wanted to make this day special, and decided to introduce the Church members to “potluck.” We were kind of discouraged to do this, as we were told when fellowship meals have been tried before, few people came and those that did, didn’t bring food. We went ahead with plans anyway, and were thrilled with the results. Many people came and brought food! We had a wonderful time of fellowship together.

The food was amazing!

Denora and Rita, two girls I became close to

All the young people

The night before we left, we went around to eight homes telling our dear friends goodbye. There were tears shed as we said good bye with no idea when we will see one another again. We challenged each other to be faithful; if we don’t meet on earth again, we plan to meet in heaven!

Joshua and Fernando became close friends

Caleb with three little brothers that attached themselves to him

Our sweet "next door" neighbors

Edward and Jonathan become best buds

This was the worst part of all… Getting to the airport necessitated riding in the back of a truck part way, bus part way, and in the back of a truck again. It was no little thing, especially with as much luggage as we had. Here are some photos of along the way.

the bus station

In line to use the Bano - you had to pay 2 limpera just to use it,
 but 3 if you wanted toilet paper

At the airport with Rene and Roger

Goodbye Honduras!