Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feliz Sabado!

Mom wrote this blog several weeks back and somehow it never was posted, so here it is now...

While here in Honduras our ideas of the Sabbath “rest” has been redefined.  Friday evening we take the short walk from our home to the little Adventist Church in the village.  We are warmly greeted with the customary “Feliz Sabado.”  After a half hour of singing one of the church members shares some thoughts from the Bible. 
Sabbath morning finds us again walking to church.  As we pass the homes we call to them “Feliz Sabado” and they return the greeting.  After a rousing song service the children and adults separate for Sabbath school.  This is all in Spanish and we feel happy if we can understand the train of thought that is being presented.  Caleb had a difficult time at first.   The children, eager to speak to him, would rattle on in Spanish.  Looking up at me with pleading eyes nearly full to the brim with tears, he would say with a shaky voice, “don’t they know I can’t speak Spanish?”   At the beginning Sabbath school was a challenge, but we have worked on learning some of the songs and Kirsten usually accompanies him and is his personal translator, so he has come to enjoy it.

No resting Sabbath afternoon!  If the weather permits, and it usually does, we head up to Los Anisis, a mountain village where Bible studies are being done in several homes.  It’s a vigorous hike, but lots of fun.  It is a time to attempt communication - which can be fairly humorous.  We have throughly enjoyed visiting the homes of the people and we are determined to do more visiting on Sabbath afternoons when we get home.     

The other Sabbath afternoon activity that I enjoy even more than the hike up the mountain is the ride in the old, blue mission truck.  We pile in and head up another mountain to Cero del Torro.  Here, at a little mud brick home, the children gather for singing and stories.   Most of these children are the same ones that we met three years ago, and what fun it has been to get to know them again.  The tragic thing is that we see the trends and it grieves us.  Two of the young girls who were just early teens when we were here last now have children.  Several of the young boys are now nearing their teens and we can see them being pulled to the “world” by their culture.  We sing a closing song, have a prayer and bid them farewell.  Piling back in the truck, we descend the mountain - praying that the seeds planted will someday bear fruit.

By this time, the Sabbath is nearing it’s close.  Sometimes we can squeeze in a little family reading time.  Then, once again, we make the trek from our home to the church.  Here we again sing, share & pray.  Passing out of the church everyone says “Feliz Semana” (Happy week).  Yes, we are on to another week.  One closer to our return home (to America and to Heaven)! 

Pictures from our Sabbath activities
SDA Church in LaZona

Caleb in Sabbath School

Beginning our Sabbath Bible study hike with prayer

Hiking up the mountain to give Bible studies 
Roger hitches a ride on Jonathan's back

View along the way

Edward, one of the cutest little boys around 
Edward and Joshua playing along the way

One of the homes we studied in 
Singing in a home

A sweet family we got to know

Rene telling a bible story

Cindy, one of Kirsten's little friends

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